Do you like android P features

As you know recently Google launch Android P developer Preview for developers. here is the list of question that google wants to know from users.

Some of the main New Android P features

The notch

With Android P, Google is offering official support for camera and sensor cut-outs. From wide to narrow, from tall to short, Android P accommodates notches of all sizes.  The display cut-out APIs allow developers find out the location and shape of non-functional areas where content shouldn’t be displayed and design their apps accordingly. For those of you running the preview, go into Developer options, scroll down to Drawing,and select Simulate a display with a cutout to play with these options.

Indoor navigation

This might be my favorite Android P feature so far. Google Maps is a life-saver — there is no doubt about that. That said, it can be frustrating to rely on Google Maps when you’re inside (a mall, an office building, or even an indoor skywalk system). Android P adds native support for the IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol also known as Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time).

Native support for HDR and HEIF

HDR and HEIF: two major buzzwords in the tech industry right now. Android P brings native support for both. The upcoming OS will have native support for HDR VP9 Profile, meaning that developers will easily be able to deliver HDR-enabled videos to end-users through various apps. As Android OEMs continue to push HDR-compatible devices, Google is hoping that Android P’s native support for HDR VP9 Profile will encourage developers to follow that trend on the software side of things.

Security, revamped

Security improvements are a given with each Android update these days, and Android P is no exception. With the latest OS, Google goes beyond simply addressing bugs and closing loopholes: Android P now blocks apps from recording you secretly and offers more encryption for backups.

  • What features you most like in android previous version?

    • Picture in Picture
    • Battery assistant
  • Is android P better than Android Oreo

    • Yes
    • No

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