Is Your Android Phone Running Slow? Check Out These Easy Tricks To Get It Back On Track

Boost android phone performance


Android phones are all snappy and fast at first, but as the days go by, you notice that the device has started to slow down. Processes take longer than usual and it just doesn’t feel like the phone it used to be. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tricks to help you rejuvenate your smartphone and get it to its full strength.

Keep your home screen uncluttered

Having a ton of icons on the home screen can, in turn, put more stress on your smartphone to load elements on the screen. This includes those unwanted widgets and app shortcuts that accumulate when you install them. Try to use only one home screen and keep the shortcuts to the minimum to make your smartphone run smoothly.

Keep your Android up-to-date

Sometimes, the Android OS on your smartphone could be at filled with faulty bugs too. So make sure you’re on the latest version to get the best experience possible. Go to Settings=>About Phone=>System Updates to check for the latest version of Android for your device.

Uninstall unused apps

Apps that you hardly or never use can take up not only your phone space, but they tend to keep running in the background which also makes them suck processing power and battery. Take some time out and clean the trash.

Use cleaning apps to clear cache and RAM

You could also go ahead and use cleaning apps like Clean Master, CCleaner, DU Cleaner and others which clear cache as well as RAM. Some apps also tell you which apps are eating up your RAM and slowing down your phone, so you can choose the action you’d like to take.

Turn off or disable Auto Sync

Google and other apps try to stay up-to-date with emails and other information using Auto Sync. This is also used by some other third-party apps which can have a huge toll on performance and battery life. Simply disable them by going into Settings=>Accounts=>Tap on the three dots on the top right=>Turn off Auto Sync.

Try a different launcher Apps

Sometimes, the launcher that you get with your smartphone OS can make you feel like it is running at a slower pace. So instead, try using a third-party launcher from the Play Store like Nova Launcher, Google Now Launcher or Apex launcher and see the change in overall performance, while refreshing your user interface.

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