Google’s new Android App Datally can save your costly mobile data fees

Datally can save your data fees


Google is launching an Android app Datally that is develope for prevent the unwanted data usage.

The app is Datally and this app is used for understanding where your mobile data is juice up and cut down on how much you’re using. Datally will show which apps are using data most and at what times your data is getting used up; it’ll also recommend ways to cut down data usage based on your own activity and suggest nearby Wi-Fi networks for you to connect to.There’s even a big button at the top to immediately disable all background data usage,  so only the app that’s actively onscreen can use mobile data

Datally is being released as part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative, which is focused on making Google products more usable in countries that have costly mobile data.

Google has been testing Datally in the Philippines since this summer. The company says it’s already hit over 500,000 users and that it’s been able to save people, on average, 30 percent of their data. As of today, the Android app is being released to the rest of the world and is available to any phone running Android 5.0 or higher.

Obviously, if you can afford to use the extra data, you probably won’t want to use this app. Cutting off background data use will hurt your overall phone experience, as not only will apps not refresh content in the background, but apps won’t send you push notifications either (which means you wouldn’t be able to chat with someone over anything but SMS). But if you’re constantly bumping up against your data cap, Datally seems like an easy way to start figuring out where the problem is.

I hope you like that Datally app, To Download this app from play store.Click Here

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