Android Tips Tricks To Make The Most Of Your Android Device

Android Tips Tricks


Android is the amazing operating system in the world due to its awesome features and customization,You can customize your android smartphone as you want. As with most of your gadgets, however, you’re probably don’t know what your Android can do.There’s more you can do with your smartphone than you might think. underneath its user-friendly, simple surface there are all kinds of hidden features and shortcuts you can take advantage of do more with your handset of choice, so we’ve compiled a list of five useful Android Tips Tricks to help you get more out of your device.

1) Read deleted messages on WhatsApp.

When Someone deleted their message in Whatsapp chat everyone can see “This message was deleted” ,Everyone wants to know what this message was.

All you want to do is read those erased messages for this their is an app that records or creates a log of all your notifications and incoming messages. Here is the app that is developed for that:-

Download that app from play store click here.


Whether messages were deleted or not, this App will keep a record of every notification you get.

However, to do that we’ll have to give it special access.This access will override other apps so it can gather notification data. The first time you open that app, it will ask you for permission.

From then on, it will log every notification that you receive, including those from messages which were later erased. All you need to do is go to the log and check out the notifications that were deleted on WhatsApp. It’s as easy as that.We love to share that Android Tips Tricks .


Have you ever tried to recover erased messages on WhatsApp?

2) How to fix a water damaged phone

The world suddenly freezes when you see your phone falling straight into water, you scream in terror, “I dropped my phone in water!” Whether it’s a pool or a toilet, you just know nothing good will come out of the next few seconds. After all, that’s a high tech device that’s likely worth multiple hundred dollars, and chances are very high that it will be deemed unusable. That is, unless you have one of those awesome waterproof smartphones, like the iphone X or samsung galaxy note 8.

Here is some tips that you can follow :

What not to do after dropping your phone in water

  • Do not turn on the phone. Electrical components don’t play well with water when operating.
  • Don’t plug it in either! For the same reason.
  • Don’t press any keys. This can push water further into the phone. It’s best to try to mess with the phone as little as possible.
  • Don’t shake or blow into the device. This could also push water into deeper areas of the phone. Especially try to avoid blow driers – not only because of the blowing part, but also because of the following point.
  • Do not apply any heat to the phone. Remember excessive heat can also damage the phone. You don’t want to add more damage!
  • Don’t move the phone around too much. Same deal; you don’t want the water moving around inside the phone.

What to do after dropping your phone in water

  • Disassemble the water damaged phone quickly.
  • Try to dry the exterior with a paper towel.
  • Time to dry it out :- A very common practice is to put the phone in a Ziploc bag full of rice and let it rest there for about 2-3 days.I hope you love that Android Tips Tricks useful.

3) Set up automatic phone unlock when you’re at home.

“Smart unlock” is a new feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop. It removes your phone’s PIN or passcode in certain locations you trust, like home or work. Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places and add to trusted places.What you think this Android Tips Trick useful or not please write in comment box.

4) Secret Game

Lollipop and Marshmallow’s game is based on Flappy Bird; it has the same gameplay principle but has had an Android-themed makeover graphics-wise.

Head to Settings > About phone and tap the device’s version number several times. Eventually you’ll be presented with an on-screen lollipop or marshmallow depending on your operating system. Continue to rapidly tap the center of it and the game will launch.I hope you love that Android Tips Tricks useful.

5) Extend your phone’s battery life

Android 6.0 might have introduced the battery-boosting Doze feature, but if you’re still waiting for your Marshmallow-flavoured fix, there are still plenty of ways to enhance your handset’s staying power. Under the Battery controls in Settings, your phone should have a Power Saver Mode option.

Enable this to reduce background features and survive that night bus ride home. Helping eke out your depleted power supply, this will set your emails to fetch and turn off some of the 76 apps that send you notifications every 30 minutes.

Or You can also try this amazing app from play store :-

I hope you love that Android Tips Tricks useful.

6) Only hear from the people you want

Why, oh why, did you give Jeff from the office your number? Seriously, 16 cat meme texts in 3 days, what’s his problem? If you don’t want to hear from certain people, you don’t have to. There’s no need to change your number or be forced into awkward conversations either. Instead you can set your phone to only deliver messages from those you actually want to talk to.

Hitting your volume toggle will give you alert options. Hit Priority and the Settings cog. Here you can choose who you receive calls, messages and reminders from. Perfect for when you want to block out the overly chatty ‘friends’ you’d rather avoid.I hope you love that Android Tips Tricks useful.

7) You can plug a  mouse (wireless or wired) or Keyboard (wireless or wired) into your phone.

You can add any mouse or keyboard to your android device by just plugin them into the OTG, you need an OTG cable for plugin mouse and keyboard into your android device.I hope you love that Android Tips Tricks useful.

8) Display Touch Points

it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact place where the demonstrator is touching on his screen.

Solution to the above issue: Enable the display touch points. This will display a white dot on places where you have touched.

To enable this option, you will have to take a dive into the Developer option. Head over to Input and switch on Show Touches.

9) OK Google Detection

Most of us use the mic button on the Google search bar if we want to search for something, add a reminder, set an alarm clock and the list goes on. But did you know that all these could be done hands-free?

The voice detection feature will let you go hands-free on your device, all you need to do is say ‘Ok Google’. Head over to Voice and tap on the option that suits you best. So the next time you say ‘Ok Google’ it will wake up and take count of your command.

10) Locate your Phone

Finding a misplaced phone can be quite tricky, that too when the phone’s ringer is off.

The easiest way to detect a lost or misplaced Android phone is through the Google device manager. Open the device manager and log in with the ID with which the phone is configured.

This app has tremendous skills when it comes to locating a lost phone (on the map), making a phone ring, or in even worst situations, wiping the phone of all data.


We hope you love the Android Tips Tricks Provide by us. Thank you


       That’s all for now! Peace, love, Android. ✌️


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